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Most Fashionable Characters in TV History & their Psychology 

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (2007)

Blair is the most recognizable character ever for anyone who hasn't watched the show... She is a dictator of taste and has the attitude to match. Although she is immature, insecure, and insufferable at times, she hides behind her perfect canvas. She uses fashion as a way of escapism to her chaotic and toxic world. Blair focuses on looking her best because she recognizes that people care about your appearance and who you are to the world. As you get to know Blair, she becomes obsessed with keeping her perfect image, the more she's focused the more she loses sight of herself. Growing up to an overbearing mother who constantly reminds her of her appearance triggers her to be bulimic. We see this in the beginning of the show that she's dressed in more darky tones to signify her grave mental state. Blair hides behind a perfect mask to shield her problems. And as fans know, eventually the mask breaks... 

Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl (2007)

Serena is known as the It Girl of the Upper East Side in Manhattan, New York. She is known as a free spirit, someone who rarely cares what anyone thinks and does what she wants. In the beginning of the show, she struggles with her broken world as she tries to mend the wounds that had been opened since she left for boarding school. However, this blows up in her face as you can't leave town for a year and come back as if everything is ok. Later on in the series, Serena struggles with finding her true self since she's never really had a standing family with her mother, Lily, constantly getting divorced, absent father, and guys who she believes can fill the void of her father, only to damage her more in the end. We see this more throughout the series just how damaged she's gotten with her playing the victim when certain occasions are caused by her, and when she tries to make everything better by not telling anyone the truth and lying but it always ends in smoke. Serena's patterns with the choices she makes are messy... and this is a direct reflection of her world and how she was brought up. Her signature color is gold as it signifies success, this represents Serena's prestigious family and the power she possesses. With fashion, she's able to appeal to her audience without giving a second thought about what others will think of her. She's effortlessly chic on a casual day and glamorous when attending galas, fashion events, or even partying... Her choices in fashion is what draws people in, and Serena doesn't necessarily admit she likes their attention, however, she hides behind her carefree attitude on being her "true self" by secretly loving all of the attention she gets. We see this play out when her long lost sister, Lola "Charlotte" Rhodes decides to be an "everygirl" instead of an "It Girl" . After Serena succeeds into her manipulative plan of making Lola the new It Girl, Lola now has the public's eye of admiration, making Serena jealous. She then spurs a rumor that Lola is a diva when Lola was in the process of her audition with a major director, wrecking her chance of a promising role... 

Raven from That's so Raven! (2003)

"The Infusion Of Art Deco With Magical Realism Serves As A Timeless Touchstone, Elevating The Narrative And Contributing To The Visual Richness Of Each Couture Piece. Geometric Patterns, Bold Lines, And Lavish Embellishments Echo The Visual Sophistication Synonymous With This Era's Artistic Movement." - Georges Chakra Team. Chakra haute Couture collection is enriched with lovely and soft silhouettes, making each look lavish by how the fabric is draped or by the different lighting in the fabric. This collection is delighted with vibrant and soft spoken colors that appears like a whisper in  a dark and gloomy night. 

Fran Fine from The Nanny (1993)

Roseberry has yet again stunned it with another brilliant collection that showcased a western sci-fi/technology. Roseberry was inspired by the past's technology and has been shown in some of the garments. One piece was made entirely of the motherboards of flip phones/nokass etc... and added diamonds to give the piece more dynamic. Roseberry wanted to exhibit how AI is ruining creativity and how it's transforming how humans go about everyday life. With AI drastically changing creativity, we are losing the uniqueness of creating art. The fabric that was used in this collection was silk, velvet, lace, and linen. Each garment reminiscing a particular part in either Elsa Schiaparelli's past collections or a definite shape in how technology has thrusted into our careers that is heavily involved in the emotional creative aspect of things.

Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl (2007)

Jenny is a successful fashion designer with her own line "J for Waldorf" under Eleanor Waldorf's Designs. She is  

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