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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Favorites for Spring of 2024

John Galliano (Creative Designer for Maison Margiela) Spring 2024 Haute Couture Collection

Galliano's approach to this year's Spring 2024 Haute Couture collection was theatrical, emotions, rebels , and romantic-historical fantasies. He chose a dark & eerie set design that captivates the overall vibrant details of the collection. Galliano's main focus was accentuating the female form and adding abstract silhouettes to create a more structural format. The material that emphasized the theme of this performance is mesh, lace, tulle, & silk. Galliano delved into the state of dolls that had been broken/deformed... he captivated his audience by having the models to walk in a sort of deconstructive way, making them appear odd and eerie to the intriguing audience. Galliano's way of making something out of the ordinary and turning it into something breathtaking is truly magnificent. He has brought drama back in Haute Couture shows and it was truly moving!

Sohee Park (Creative Director for Miss Sohee) Women's Spring 2024 Haute Couture Collection

Sohee's Spring 2024 haute Couture collection was exhilarating as the collection was inspired by the female form and the art of seduction. However, Miss Sohee explained in an interview that it was a sophisticated seduction... making the silhouettes define just that. Miss Sohee and her team reconstructed fabrics from old Korean costumes and paid homage to her culture. In Seoul, she visited South-Korean artisans making Hansan Mosi-linen, which is a unique slow-weaving technique utilizing locally sourced hemp. The patterns of antique tiles as well as the peonies and lotus flowers of South-Korean traditional landscape paintings were also translated into motifs embroidered in Swarovski crystals on trains and bodices. The collection was like a blooming rose, each dress made with delicacy and care but it's strength found in how unique each dress or petal was.

Georges Chakra (Creative Director for Georges Chakra) Spring 2024 Haute Couture Collection

"The Infusion Of Art Deco With Magical Realism Serves As A Timeless Touchstone, Elevating The Narrative And Contributing To The Visual Richness Of Each Couture Piece. Geometric Patterns, Bold Lines, And Lavish Embellishments Echo The Visual Sophistication Synonymous With This Era's Artistic Movement." - Georges Chakra Team. Chakra haute Couture collection is enriched with lovely and soft silhouettes, making each look lavish by how the fabric is draped or by the different lighting in the fabric. This collection is delighted with vibrant and soft spoken colors that appears like a whisper in  a dark and gloomy night. 

Daniel Roseberry (Creative Designer for Schiaparelli) Spring 2024 Haute Couture Collection

Roseberry has yet again stunned it with another brilliant collection that showcased a western sci-fi/technology. Roseberry was inspired by the past's technology and has been shown in some of the garments. One piece was made entirely of the motherboards of flip phones/nokass etc... and added diamonds to give the piece more dynamic. Roseberry wanted to exhibit how AI is ruining creativity and how it's transforming how humans go about everyday life. With AI drastically changing creativity, we are losing the uniqueness of creating art. The fabric that was used in this collection was silk, velvet, lace, and linen. Each garment reminiscing a particular part in either Elsa Schiaparelli's past collections or a definite shape in how technology has thrusted into our careers that is heavily involved in the emotional creative aspect of things.

Giambattista Valli (Creative Director for Giambattista Valli) Spring 2024 Haute Couture Collection

“Flowers, roses, nature — they’re noble and eternal, they’re a caress for the soul,” Valli said. Valli's collection is a beautiful aura of romantic fabrics, textures, and colors of a flower garden. It was truly a voluminous and magical collection of the way the garments were draped. The fabrics that were used are affeta silks, tulle, and black velvet. There were a lot of flowers used in this collection to accentuate the neckline of some of the pieces that were shown. A majority of the collection consisted of a number of embellished mini dresses that have been draped with pleated tulle that extend creating a train. It was a lovely presentation of whimsical silhouettes and soft colors that catalyzes the overall inspiration of Valli's haute couture collection.

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