What is an It Girl & How she defines her style

An It Girl is someone who is multi-talented... They have this je ne sais quoi auro about them which translates to I know not what... meaning she has an elusive quality. Everyone wants to know what she will be wearing or how she does her hair... she has this mysterious aura that makes people wonder and have this desire to meet her. She is the moment and her look brings light to those who want to recreate the same look. She is gracious and rather imperial to others but always carries herself with a diamond personality and enjoys all life has to offer, including fashion. It Girls have this special relationship to fashion, she represents the peak of the era that she's from... a moment in history if you will. She pulls everyone in by the way she carried herself, it's not of arrogance but of grace. She's alluring to one's eye that they want to strike up a conversation and want to make friends with her because she seems like a good person to be around. She stands out beyond the crowd and is always put together, rather than going up to people... people go up to her... Her wardrobe is very cultivated and it's not necessarily trendy... think of it as a mixture of pieces you wouldn't normally think she owned or would work together... She's never afraid to take risks and she never fails to look classic with it. Although, an It Girl is not one for traditional... she adds her own tastes to her look and really roots it into who she is as well as her lifestyle. The It Girl look is vivacious, lively, and energetic... but also sophisticated and graceful but very down to earth. She's very current in fashion but isn't bound to it... Also, she's not dressing in a way that she should, she dresses in the way that she wants. Her look isn't attached to the time or place, there's nothing specific about her look... it's only specific to her. Her style is contemporary in a way and makes her larger than life because she isn't bound by societal standards, instead she's embodying more than what's expected of her. She styles herself in a way that mimics her own nature and catches an eye from afar and intrigues up close... Her personality and her own beauty will captivate them and will keep them interested. Remember, she's not just a pretty face, she's multi-faced!


Zendaya is best known for being an Actress, Singer, Director, and Dancer. She perfects this presence that's very captivating and memorable. She is very graceful and down to earth, and always had this je ne sais quoi element about her. Zendaya loves fashion and plays around with trends from past decades. She never shies away from taking risks and projects this level of confidence that others try to recreate. With her looks with the assistance of Law Roach, she's able to pick timeless pieces and add her own spin on it without making the look busy. She does it in a way that works with her overall persona. Zendaya's looks will be forever remembered as time goes on... 

Alexa Demie

Alexa has this mysterious aura towards her... She doesn't reveal too much of her personal life, leaving her fans in question and constantly on watch of anything and everything about her. She is a multi-talented business woman and Actress, she's best known for her famous role as Maddy Perez on HBO's Hit TV Show, Euphoria. Ever since then, the name Alexa has constantly been on social media... Everyone from influencers, content creators, and celebrities have been recreating her iconic looks from the show. She has been setting trend after trend and people cannot get enough of her... She immediately grabs attention by doing the bare minimum, making her the main event.

Anne Hathaway

Anne allures this imperial aura... She exalts a presence that cannot be replicated because she excels in originality. She has been in the Acting Industry for decades now and is still strong in the game. Her & fashion goes hand in hand like champagne in Paris, it just makes sense! Anne pulls certain trends from decadent eras of fashion into her night out looks... making her appear opulent. In the many years she has been in the public eye, this day in time is her era to truly shine!

Jang Wonyoung

Wonyoung has this diamond personality that just shines even through her magazine editorials. She is multi-talented through her work with music for she is a singer and songwriter. She has this "It" factor that makes people desperate for her attention and is constantly on the watch about what she's wearing and how she styles her hair. She has this sweet & elegant persona to her that rubs certain people the wrong way, but she never seems affected by it... For her famous quote is, "No matter what you say, no problem, I don't care. You are you, and I am me!" With this carefree attitude of not letting others dim her light, she is loved all around the world and shows her love for fashion through her numerous editorials, everyday wear, and campaigns. 

CL (Chaerin Lee)

CL has such a commanding aura to her... She is known for her stage presence and is deemed as the Empress of Kpop. A former member of the legendary South Korean girl group named, 2NE1, she has been making it her own way.  When people think of CL, they think FASHION, she has been known to push stereotypes of the Kpop community from her time as an idol and make the concept 'Girl Crush' popular through her work in 2NE1.  She is beloved in the Kpop & Fashion industry, has met Azzedine Alaia, is best friends with Jeremy Scott, was Karl Lagerfeld's muse, and many more! She is well respected for she is known to set trends and became the Blueprint of what's popular nowadays. Her first solo album, Alpha, is filled with avant-garde looks that only she can perfect. With her being an Independent Artist, she is now free to do what she pleases... She expresses herself through fashion and has this long history of it, she thinks of making a song the way she would put together a look... First she builds a character for the type of song she's creating, she imagines who she's wearing, what shape it is, what kind of movement does she want, and what type of shape or fabric is going to empower it. CL is known to be bold with her fashion, very fashion forward if you will and you see that through every look she has worn.

Seo Soojin

Soojin is like a rose... she can be soft, but can surprise you with her thorns... metaphorically speaking. She is a former member of the Korean girl group (G)-idle where her position was the main dancer. She has this sweet & calming aura towards her that makes others wonder what cosmetics she uses or what she does to her hair. Nicknamed as Cherry, she has been known for her stage presence... People from all around the world have praised her for her demanding presence on stage, and miss her dearly. She has this serene but daring aesthetic to every look she has ever worn, she doesn't care what others think and just goes what feels right and authentic to her. The way she carries herself is like the way she dances, sharp and elegant. She leads everything with grace as she continues on wherever she goes and fans cannot wait for her return! 

Soojin has made her solo debut with her album titled, Agassy... The album itself along with her concept photos executes a soft but mysterious aura about her. Soojin's choice of clothing for her concept photos were all strikingly different but all magnified each other well. Soojin's usual look with her former girl group, (G)-idle involved a lot of cool and flashy pieces.... Under a new agency, she and her team choose a more mature and elegant look that complements her already naturally beautiful features. It has been a rebirth in continuing her journey as a solo kpop idol and we can't wait to see what she does next!


Jennie has this alluring nature towards her. Everything she wears is sold out and people are just drawn to her innocent yet fierce persona. She's been nicknamed Human Chanel by her fans for a reason. She was named the Global Ambassador for the House of Chanel in March, 2019 and has been loved by the brand ever since. Jennie loves Chanel the way Jada loves Chanel, they both admire the many years of art that the brand has to offer and love to create looks based on it. She has this way of people that leaves them from wanting more of her, she is always on the radar when it comes to big events. She has this "It" factor that inspires others and reminds people that you can do and be anything if you're willing to work for it. 


Lisa is the main dancer of the Korean girl group, Blackpink. She's been known to have daring looks that you wouldn't normally put those types of garments together the way that she had. She's the epitome of a tomboy and isn't afraid to show it. Her looks reflect who she is and how she carries herself. Even in sweatpants, she is still graceful and elegant... She is known to be kind to others and has a bubbly personality to match. When she's on stage, she has a sheer force that is recognized, but off-stage, she is rather shy and timid. Lisa is embracing her contract with CELINE by pulling looks from timeless garments and putting her own taste to the look. She plays with different silhouettes from certain eras, making her overall look captivating and cultured. Lisa is becoming well known in the Fashion industry and is deemed as the "Cool Girl" in every media outlet. 


Rosé has this creative spirit where her looks give you the feel of someone from the past. She has this rocker girl aesthetic towards her that makes others want to be around her all the time. Her looks whether that would be her days off, editorials for magazines, or even in her music videos... holds this mysterious aura toward her. She alludes to freedom and this carefree attitude that makes her blend in her surroundings. Rosé loves creating music and we see that through her looks. Like her music, the choices in her silhouettes and material that she wears is always sleek and fitted. Her looks explode with life by how she moves in it... similar to her music. She brings specificity in her looks that don't need introduction for she is the focal point in everything that she does. 


Jisoo is the embodiment of elegance, and is nicknamed Miss Korea by her fans. She is the visual of the Korean girl group Blackpink, but she is far more than just a vision. Jisoo's style is described as effortlessly chic, precious, and soft. She sets fashion that is comfortable to her and makes her feel confident. She isn't fairly fashion forward but does not back down to take risks. People admire her for her sweet & savage personality that plays well with her persona. She is considered street smart when it comes to making decisions. She surprises people and makes others wonder what she will do next.... she's unpredictable in the best way and has a golden & charming personality that's enchanting.

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